Barcode Reading

The typical operating ranges for barcode scanners are NIR and IR. A sensor detects and evaluates the light signal that is reflected after being generated by LEDs. By reducing “ambient light” impacts, optical filters ensure that only the desired spectrum with the signal to be conveyed reaches the receiver. Additionally, the angle dependency, which frequently causes a wavelength shift, must have a limit in these filters. For filter systems and geometries that are specific to the requirements of the customer, GF Tech specialises in providing the appropriate coatings.


Despite a drone camera can function well with its inbuild camera, a neutral density filter or ND filter could bring even better image quality.

It reduces the amount of light entering the camera lens without changing the colour.

Inspection Cameras

As we enter into Industry 4.0, more and more production lines ventured into fully automated inspection solutions. The advancement and development of machine visions have brought great leap to multiple optical filters production too.

Existing technology for bandpass filters, beam splitters, and absorbing coatings will not be able to satisfy the future needs of inspection cameras. With this, GF Tech is putting in consistent and persistent effort to ensure our production capability is up-to-date with future proof quality.

Light Curtains

Opto-electronic devices called light curtains are used to protect people near moving machinery that could hurt them, such as presses, winders, and palletizers.

It is essential to have a good signal-to-noise ratio and the greatest transmission capacity of the light wavelength. In order to get the best contrast, it is therefore important to consistently block the entire spectrum of ambient light other than that of the illumination wavelength.

Machine Vision Filters

Computer vision and analysis are used in machine vision. This technology is frequently used in a wide range of sectors, including semiconductors, vehicles, food, recyclables, and pharmaceuticals.

The Performance and Effectiveness of Machine Vision Systems Rely on Optical Filters. By obstructing or weakening light at particular wavelengths of the visible spectrum, it is possible to alter the visual input.

It is possible to meticulously examine and investigate a variety of items by extracting and analysing their spectral signatures. Machine vision sensors frequently feature detection wavelengths that span a large portion of the spectrum, from ultraviolet to near infrared. The sensors would be worthless without sufficient filtering and reduction of undesired signal since the registering of unwanted light generates significant noise. Filters improve the signal to noise ratio so that targeted wavelengths may be properly distinguished while blocking all extraneous light.

Material Processing

A material can be changed in shape or appearance using laser energy in laser material processing. The ability to quickly change designs, make goods without the need for retooling, and raise the calibre of finished goods are just a few benefits of this approach of material modification.

With the precision needed, the optics quality are extremely important to ensure the material quality.

Optical Filters for Sensor & Detector

Both sensors and detectors required sensitive and precise indicators in order to react accordingly to the external environment.

GF Tech is capable in producing high quality optical filters that comes in wide range with excellent performance. Our optical filters are often used in proximity as well as presence/absence related sensors and detectors.


Robotics entails the creation, maintenance, use, and operation of robots. Robotics aims to create devices that can aid and support people.
Modern automated systems are capable of performing many complex processes. These improvements are the result of efficient information processing, object detection and recognition, and basic spatial orientation. These procedures, which all depend on optical systems and necessitate precise signal detection, are made possible by our bandpass filters.