The automotive industry is one of the world’s largest revenue-generating industries. It comprises the complete supply chain from designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling. 

As the automotive requirement and standards evolved, more sensors and automatic detectors are also integrated into motor vehicles.

Life Science & Medical

In this study of living organisms and life processes, different types of filters are used to effectively review and discover what is normally unable to be seen by naked eyes.

Consumer’s Mobility & Wearables

Wearable technology has great potential to grow continuously and huge business opportunity, especially in improving human mobility. Wearable gadgets for example smart watches and smart glasses need a lot of filters for the display, Anti Reflective coating and also Beam Splitter are also needed in the devices.

Industrial Applications

The industrial settings, it involves multiple processes including, process control, manufacturing automation, energy management, etc. Different tools are required for different industries and processes.