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Testing Equipment Service
GF Technology Lab Equipment List

We offer a wide variety of flexible calibration programs designed to maximize performance and confidence of results throughout the lifetime of your lab equipment and scientific instruments.

Laser Interferometer
RM 150/sample
Q-LAB Xenon Sun Tester Benchtop
RM 35/hr
Optical Profiler With Smartscope
RM 1/point MOQ 300
AFM (Atomic Force Microscope)
RM 250/sample
FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared)
RM 150/sample
Contact Angle Measurement
RM 100/sample
RM 200/sample
Thermal Shock Chamber
RM 32/hr
Humidity chamber
RM 18/hr
MFI (Mould Flow Index)
RM 18/test
RCA Norman Abrasion Tester
RM 0.50/cycle
Angular Polarizer Tester
RM 50/sample
Smart Scope
RM 3/measurement MOQ 10
Steel Wool Tester
RM 0.50/cycle
Pendulum Hardness Tester
RM 30/sample
Sun Tester
RM 30/hr
QUVT (Weathering tester)
RM 30/hr
RM 1/measurement MOQ 300
Slippery Tester
RM 15/sample
Moister Analyser
RM 15/test
Pencil hardness Tester
RM 15/sample
Spectophotometer 175nm to 3300nm
RM 200/sample run
Project Profiler
RM 1/measurement MOQ 300
Cross Cut Tester
RM 15/sample