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This training is designed to create environmental awareness amongst participants by exploring the environmental elements surrounding this daily activity as well as their impact.
Under the ISO 14001 requirements, the internal audit is compulsory activity to be carried by the organization, in ensuring the compliance towards the standards.
At the end of the training, participants should be able to : 

Understand the need for an Environmental Management System.

Identify environmental issues surrounding their activity and its implications.

Understand their requirement of environmental related legislation.

Assist the organization in its efforts towards achieving ISO14001 Certification.

Understand the Requirements of ISO14001.

Undertake an adequacy audit of the site’s EMS against the requirements of ISO14001.

Report any recommendation for system improvement.

In updating their organization’s Environmental system to comply with the new requirements.

Understands the application  and importance of internal auditing within the organization.

Understands the role and the responsibilities of the internal auditors.

Collect, analyze the objective evidences and exercise the objectivity.

Evaluate and report the audit performance report to the management.

Plan, organize and manage an effective internal audit within the organization.