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GF Technology Plasma Transparent Hardcoating is a very high quality, consistence and durable ceramic based coating. It is applied to your substrate using our proprietary plasma coating technique. The coated surface is extremely uniform down to nano-thickness levels. Is is a very stable and high yield production processes compared to traditional UV spray Hardcoating. It is also a very green process where there is no material or by-product from the process that can contaminate the environment. GF Technology Plasma Transparent Hardcoating will not reduce the transmission but will enhance the transmission of the substrate that is coated. The hardness of GF Technology Transparent Hardcoating can be controlled and  there are several thickness/ hardness levels that are standard in our product line.

Other propeeties such as Anti Smudge, Anti Static, Anti reflective, etc can be added to your product according to your specifications.

Substrate applicable

Just like our Hardcoating, our Scratch Resistant coating has the ability to resist surface damage. For example, using sandpaper to attempt to scratch the coated and uncoated surface. You can see that the uncoated surface is readily scratched whereas the hard coated substrate has just a few of shallow alomost unnoticeable surface marks.


Our Hardcoating also make the coated substrate harder and stronger with the ability to resist and protect your parts from external damage.

Clear vision

The most importance difference between our Plasma Transparent Hardcoating and VM Hardcoatings is visibility. Transparent Hardcoatings have improved performance in resolution as well as  transmission to ensure increased visibility and reduced glare.

Advantages Plasma Transparent Coating Traditional VM
Transmission Increase Reduce
Absorption material Low adsorption material resulting in increased battery life High absorption resulting in shortened battery life
Hardness consistency Controlled Thickness resulting in Excellent Consistency Very difficult to control surface thickness reducing consistency
Hardness Control Yes No
Product thickness Thinner product (15 times thinner) Thicker product
Production Yield Extremely High Yield Low Production Yield
High IR transmission Enhance IR transmission of remote control signal to improve performance Adsorption causes signal to be scattered and reduceaffect the performance of the remote control
Environment Very Environmental Friendly High Pollution