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Anti Smudge Coating

Without this coating, fingerprints are easily imprinted on the surface of an object and are very difficult to remove, causing poor appearance and negatively affecting durability.
Our Anti-Smudge coating creates a protective layer on the surface of an object to prevent the effects fingerprint oils and dirt.
Substrate applicable
No fingerprint and easy to clean

The coating is anti-fingerprint so fingerprints are not readily left on the surface of the coated object.

Any dirt or smudges that do get left on the surface are very easy to remove with a simple surface cleaning.

Acid resistance and alkaline resistance

Our Anti-fingerprint coating also provides corrosion, acid and alkaline-resistant because it contains no chromium in its composition.

In additional, it does not contain any acid or alkaline solutions, so it is environmentally friendly.

The coating layer also has scratch resistant properties. It will pretect the coated substrate  or object while it is being handled for cleaning or assembly.
Please download the PDF file here