Products / Tooling

Products / Tooling

GF Technology, with our highly skilled machinists and well equipped, completely modern machine shop, ensures that we are able to handle all of your tooling requirements.
We manufacture all of our own injection molds, taking full responsibility for the entire job. Our experienced machinists will assist in the design and manufacture of prototypes or one-offs per your requirements.
If your design requires a modification, or in the unlikely event of a tool breaking down, we are able to modify or repair it in the house without any delay. Customers can trust us to take over the project at any stage of the process; from design to final assembly. We are capable and totally flexible.
Historically we have been providing the steel and plastic jigs, holders and tooling for cell phone, automotive and coating industries. GF Technology is willing to provide all of these services to these different industries at minimal cost. | Copyright © 2021 | All Rights Reserved | Powered by GO MEDIA MALAYSIA (AS0414466-H)  Site Hosted & Maintained by WTExpo Sdn. Bhd.