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The Power of Beam Splitter

Most of the 3D Technology today requires viewers to wear special 3D glasses to make it more precise and clear. 3D glasses work by providing a separate image to each eye. The brain then combines the two images into a single image with 3D characteristics. The 3D process fools your brain into thinking it is seeing a 3D image, so it creates one for you. 

First Generation (Air Projector) GF Technology Sdn Bhd have developed a 3D viewer on the basis of a 3D Technology. The ever first generation of beam splitter was introduced in 2010 by GF Technology Sdn Bhd. Formally, beam splitter is used to split a beam of light into two. The image of the reflection display is shown in holographic box. It reflects 3D images sharply. In addition, GF Technology used high quality of high reflective coating. The application can be use in glasses and lenses.
Transparent Hardcoating

Second Generation (Air Projector)

Second Generation (Air Projector)
In year 2013, the second generation of Beam Splitter been born. It uses the beam splitter principles and produce even sharper 3D images with the second generation High Reflective Coating Technology with High Spec Beam Splitter that makes the image hover in mid-air. The more interesting in this second generation air projector compared to the first one is where the image can be seen in 360° of angle and at different side. The image also can display with clear view even though in bright environment.

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Why choose GF Technology Air Projector?

We provide the best 3D image quality which is user friendly 3D screens flash two sets of images, one for each eye. One image is intended to be seen only by the left eye, while the other image is intended to only be seen by the right eye. In order to view this image properly, the viewer must wear glasses that are specially designed to send the left and right eye images properly to the left and right eye. When viewing the overlapping images through these glasses, the image appears to be in 3D. There are mostly two types glasses used for viewing image by 3D which Passive Polarized glass and Active Shutter Glasses. Sometimes, users need to match this glass to the TV or Video Projector. If you use the polarized glasses you are required to keep your head still. Tilting your head can distort how the waves get to your eyes, messing with the color and 3D effect. It is not cool. Mostly people use anaglyph 3D to view the image. This technique however, didn't allow for a full range of color and have the once-distinct images bleed into one another. It also not cool. In addition, you must

Our Air Projector does no need screen projection

A projection screen is an installation consisting of a surface and a support structure used for displaying a projected image for the view of an audience.
Basic idea for different markets exist for screens mostly targeted is very much the same where the projection screens work on diffusely reflecting the light projected on to them .
With our 3D Air Projector, the displaying will be more interesting as the 3D Air Projector uses the high spec beam splitter to makes the image hover in the mid-air and does not need any screen display to project the image
You do not need to think on how to identify in selecting a suitable projection screen for 3D viewing. This is because you need to know what technology your 3D projector uses to separate the projected right and left images and if the projected light is polarized or not.
Beside this, our 3D Air Projector can be viewed from different side of angle and it also give the different feel of 3D.
You can apply GF Technology 3D Air Projector not to only games and entertainment, but you can implementation it in your PC, Show case, and industry as well as in education too! | Copyright © 2021 | All Rights Reserved | Powered by GO MEDIA MALAYSIA (AS0414466-H)  Site Hosted & Maintained by WTExpo Sdn. Bhd.