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Lab Equipment
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AFM (Atomic Force Microscope)
Able to zoom to 40m, 5m and 500nm.
Surface roughness.
Peak and valley measurement.
Surface structure.
FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) Spectroscopy
Consisting of multi library from Organic and In-organic material.
Able to measure and identify material in solid, gas and liquid form.
KBr measurement capability.
Angular Polarizer Tester
Material stress analysis
Plastic stress analysis
Injected plastic flow
Angular stress analysis
Contact Angle Measurement
Thermal Shock Chamber
Measuring contact angle between specific liquid against a given specimen.
Withdrawer study of specific liquid against a given specimen.
Surface energy.
Polarization measurement
Integrated sphere for light diffusion measurement
Integrated sphere light transmission measurement
Color measurement
Testing of product response against thermal shock.
Temperature transition from -40C to 85C in less than 5min.
Humidity chamber
RCA Norman Abrasion Tester
Steel Wool Tester
Hot resistance test
Cold resistance test
Profile Temperature test
Static humidity & static temperature test
Static humidity & profile temperature test
Static temperature & profile humidity test
Testing of Abrasion resistance of hard coating against sand paper
Testing of abrasion & scratch resistance of coating against steel wool.
Steel wool ranging from #0 to #0000 & different weight.
MFI (Mould Flow Index)
Smart Scope
Pendulum Hardness Tester
Sun Tester
QUVT (Weathering tester)
Slippery Tester
Moister Analyser
Pencil hardness Tester
Cross Cut Tester
Project Profiler